Is Eurail Pass available to dual non-EU and EU citizens?

I’m planning a backpacking trip for this summer through Europe, and I’m a bit confused about the Eurail Pass.

On the website, it says it isn’t available to residents of the countries included. My boyfriend has dual citizenship in Canada and Portugal, but hasn’t actually lived/been there for 10 years. Is he still eligible to get one? The Interail pass is only for people who have lived in Europe (with proof) for 6 months, so he can’t get that either. We won’t be using the pass for Portugal, anyway.

My itinerary is looking like this so far: Athens, Greece (3 days) Ferry from Patras to Bari (1 day) Rome (4 days) Florence or Nice (1 day) Paris (4 days) London (4 days) Lisbon (4 days)

Any suggestions? Florence or Nice?

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