Eurail pass question(s)

So I’m looking at doing a little trip around Northern Europe to include: Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Also possibilities: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

I’m thinking about getting a one month Eurail pass to make it all happen.

Does anyone have any suggestions/tips/etc for any of these countries in general and in specific in regards to using the Eurail pass and any hidden fees or fares I might end up paying? I’ve been looking at the website which claims to be official. Can anyone confirm that? Also, does anyone know of a cheaper place to pick up the pass? I’m actually currently in Karlsruhe, Germany doing some work but officially still residing in the USA. I have the ability to get stuff mailed to an address in the states and have it forwarded to me here. (No I’m not in the military nor do I work for the US government.)

and on that note, if anyone happens to be passing through the area, give me a shout and we can go hang out and drink some good German beer!


  1. Guest

    Yes is official. When I lived in Germany (study abroad), I just bought the pass at the Bahnhof and ate the extra $40 cost, because I wanted it in my hands that week. I don’t know if your forwarding mail would get it to you quick enough. Could you have it sent express to someone in the states, and they mail it to you?

    As for hidden charges, you could reserve seats if you want, but that costs about 3 euro. I’d do it for going to Amsterdam and Berlin, though (if you’re going there), because those routes always seemed crowded.

    Have fun!

  2. Guest has the best information on railpasses; calculating what you need, etc. You can also buy your pass there. is another option (Rick Steves gives you more info and more freebies, I think).

    Regardless, wherever you choose to buy it, it has to be mailed to the US address, so someone will have to mail it to you in Germany.

    I will add, however, that a railpass is not practical in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) due to poor infrastructure.

    So you might just leave these three for the end (or beginning) of your trip, to maximize your Railpass days. If coming from the North, your best options to arrive in the Baltics are budget airlines (easyjet, ryanair, etc.; check or the ferry (from certain parts of Germany and Scandinavia… especially handy is the one from Helsinki into Tallinn). If coming from the West, let’s say, Slovenia, check out for bus options. Buses are also very cheap and handy for traveling between the three countries.

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    where are you in germany cause i will be there in a week. I found caliing the 1 800 361 RAIL was the most effective way to get information and purchase a pass.

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    I’ve been under the long-standing impression that to buy a Eurail pass in Europe itself works out cheaper than buying in countries to which the pass doesn’t apply. I could be wrong or not up-to-speed on that one – can anyone correct me? Anyway, if it is so, then it would be cheaper to have it ordered and mailed to you in Germany. Would that be possible?

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